Online tool to check server HTTP/2, ALPN, and Server-push support.

Client HTTP/2 Support API

You can use the simple API provided by HTTP2.Pro to check if your HTTP client supports HTTP2.


Simply make an HTTP request to from your HTTP client. No access tokens or special headers are necessary. Content type negotiation will be ignored. Compression negotiation will be honored.


For each HTTP request, information about the current request will be returned back in JSON format with an HTTP status 200 unless something has gone wrong on our end.

JSON response sample

        'http2': 1,
        'protocol': 'HTTP/2.0',
        'push': 1,
        'user_agent': 'FooBar',
Key Description
http2 Whether HTTP/2 was used for the connection. Possible values are 0 (HTTP/2 was used) and 1 (HTTP/2 was not used).
protocol The actual protocol used for the connection. Possible values include HTTP/2.0, HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0.
push 1 if the client indicated it supports HTTP/2 push. 0 otherwise.
user_agent The User Agent string sent to the API as-is. An empty string if the client did not send the user agent header.